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  • The first Conart Engineer Ltd person with whom you will meet will be a construction professional—in most cases the officer who will listen to your needs, commit the necessary personnel, guarantee their presence on your project, negotiate the contract with you, ensure that you are delighted with our performance throughout the course of the project, and be there for you long after we turn over the keys.

  • When we say delight you, we mean it. We encourage you to speak to our clients and the architects, consultants, and subcontractors with whom we work across the nation. We are confident you will consistently hear that we do what we say we will do when we say we will do it, and that we put forth the effort to do it better than you've experienced with others.

  • Our skilled professionals collaborate to provide the required depth of knowledge and talent on each project. Our people have spent the vast majority of their careers learning everything there is to know in disciplines such as healthcare, life sciences, higher education, retail, and many more. They provide the very latest information regarding industry trends, costs, and efficiencies to our project teams.

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