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Our management staff understands the various challenges and requirements for clean rooms and other validated spaces. Our experience enables us to deploy the knowledge to install clean facilities, special coatings, modular structures, specialized floorings and ceilings, and other special process systems.

  • Allure Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Glaxo India Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad.

  • J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Learn Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • M.J. Bio-Pharm Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • M.J. Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai. (Sun Pharma)

  • Medicorp Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.,(Member of Shriram Group) Madras.

  • Phlox Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Vadodara.

  • Rubamin Pharmaceuticals, Vadodara.

  • Searle (India) Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Shamrock Industrial Co. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Swan Beauties Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Unique Pharmaceuticals Labs. Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Zandu Pharmaceuticals (Works) Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Tonira Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Vadodara.

  • Darshak Ltd., Vadodara.

  • Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Savli, Vadodara

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