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Keeping Management Aware of Construction Project Field Activities

  • June 26, 2022 | Deep Parikh

Objectives of the Blog

  • Describes daily report record of events on the field.

  • Typical Information for daily project reports.

  • Weekly or monthly summaries of the project reports.

Daily Progress Reports (DPR) The daily report is the consecutive record of events on the field. The daily report records information as it happens. The information and format will vary from contractor to contractor and even from project to project. The contractor’s daily report is, an internal document, distributed only within the contractor’s team. All of the contracting entities at the field, such as supervisor’s, QA / QC team, storekeepers, the owner’s inspector, the architect’s inspector, and the subcontractor’s foreman, should keep daily reports for their own. The supervisor or the field engineer usually compiles the DPR. The project manager, supervisor and site engineers, with different contents for each report, could complete the daily report at all levels. Traditionally, the DPR was a paper report, with copies distributed among field office, client (owner) manager and a copy to the contractor’ head office. DPR Good Practices: A good practice is to limit the DPR to one page. Objectives of the DPR system is not only to record accurate information but also to minimize the amount of time spent by field personnel in documenting the events. Technology Tools: With technology advances, it is now very easy to compile Daily report, over mobile App. The daily reports of all the field personnel can be compiled with a click of a button, can be sent to all the required project participants easily. Immediate transfer of this report, and others, helps home office personnel obtain an accurate and real-time status of the project. Important information to be included in a daily report is:

  • Report Date and Event Date

  • Project and number

  • Individual making the report

  • Weather information

  • Description of activities in progress

  • Number of company’s craft labour by skill level on the field

  • Number of subcontractor’s craft labour by skill level on the field

  • Material received by vendor & challan number

  • Any Visitors – Client, Consultant, architect, government authorities

  • Safety accidents on the field

  • QA / QC events

  • Quantity of work performed for major activities

Weekly and Monthly Reports It is also a good practice to compile weekly or monthly summaries of the project. Such reports may also be required to be submitted to the owner. The weekly or monthly report helps for resource planning, better product management, and material reconciliation. Topics could be included in a weekly or monthly report.

  • Quantification of activities by buildings

  • Schedule analysis

  • Labour Productivity analysis

  • Subcontract and purchase order management

  • Drawing Log and changes

  • Signature of preparer

Summary Planning is a fundamental activity for the execution of projects. ProCost’s construction management software’s DPR module helps easily define work tasks and makes compiling the report in less than five (5) minutes, saving time and money. The software tool helps the field team to be more efficient by helping better plan and utilize resources. (

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