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  • Mirali Thakkar

5 Common Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

Most organizations are probably(remove) familiar with the situation of projects getting delayed due to various reasons. Many times contractors make mistakes in budgets which leads to higher project estimates and tough financial implications. At the end such budgets are not preferred in the construction industry that already has challenges like narrow margins, schedule mismatch, project overages to name a few.

Whether it's due to(remove) a delay in the schedule, an increase in the cost of materials, or a piece of equipment breaking down, one of the biggest headaches a manager has to face is construction budgeting gone wrong.

Some of the main errors observed while budgeting are:

1. Inaccurate Estimate

At the initial stage of project estimation, many construction(to remove) budgeting errors can occur. During the estimation process, major budgeting(to remove) errors arise when the planning team fails to correctly identify the schedules and price.

Trying to rush through estimates is also(to remove) the wrong strategy, because when the budget goes all wrong later, the organization can end up losing its profits and prestige. Seeking expert advice for accurate estimation can help, but long-term benefits for the organization can be achieved by implementation of construction project management programs from the initial level.

2. Error’s in design

In any construction project, design mistakes are unavoidable. They may affect various aspects like cost, schedule and safety performance of the project. When there are significant gaps in the project design itself, even the best forecasts and excellent coordination cannot guarantee accurate budgeting. Faulty designs are much more dangerous than other errors because they not only raise issues in budgeting, but also delay projects. If mistakes are noticed when the project is well started, things get worse because reworking requires a lot of time and has an impact on the overall budget.

3. Lack of communication

Lack of good communication with the client and also among the team members internally is another budgeting concern that can get a project manager into trouble. Gaps in mutual vision may often lead to major problems. Verbal agreements are the worst way to manage projects that can have long-term impacts and unwanted conflict.

4. Change-order surprises and scope creep not accounted

One of the major causes of budget overruns are changing orders and scope creep. The probability of changes to a project is simply not accounted for by many project managers, which is often a serious mistake as far as the budget is concerned. Managers need to focus on the prevention of scope creep and change orders by constant monitoring. Robust documentation and continuous interaction with clients will improve the process.

5. Delays and missed deadlines

Deadlines make clear what and when we're supposed to deliver. This means that we can take control of our work without any confusion. There are many causes for delays some of which can be prevented, while others are not in control. Delay in material shipping, shortage of manpower can(to remove) result in project lagging. They can interrupt budgets eventually affecting the overall project cost.

To avoid all these problems you may also(to remove) invest in software for construction projects that has both project(to remove) management and communication tools. The project management software is developed as an application so that each and every member working on the project has access to data anytime from anywhere. These softwares serve as a flexible medium of communication among the team.

Smart project managers still(to remove) know how to use the advanced technology and tools that come with it(to remove) and make best use of the same.

At least one or more project management tools are now being used by several successful companies to get things done faster.

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