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Design Engineering

Where Imagination Meets Innovation

The design phase of a project is the final engineering stage prior to construction and follows from the planning stage. At this point, the engineering that was completed on a planning scale is now detailed and finalized, and contract documents are prepared.


Conart Engineering's Partner's skilled professionals take your project through the design process and develop contract documents. The heart of the engineering team is in the quality of staff that we employ.  Our experienced employees consistently identify and design solutions that are efficient while meeting the functional requirements of our clients.

Civil Engineering

Successful civil engineering meets the challenges of engineering design and sound economics while recognizing and developing solutions that respect our natural environment.

Landscape Architecture

is an extremely diverse design profession that focuses on the creation and/or preservation of places. The focus in today’s world on sustainability and green technologies.

Structural Engineering

Covers a very broad spectrum in today’s construction industry. All phases of society rely upon structural engineering in one form or another, and this discipline is integrated with many other disciplines. 

Architectural Design

Focus is on enhancing the quality of life, where people learn, work, and play


The focus on efficient building infrastructure has amplified to improve reliability, minimize energy costs and create healthy and productive environments. 

Retroffiting & Stability Review

Experienced professionals practiced in facility assessment criteria. Our team performs thorough comprehensive assessments of all assigned facilities.


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