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Training of Employees through eLearning

Article Objectives:

  • Need For Continue Learning Of Employees

  • Skill enhancing and training initiatives

  • How eLearning works

  • eLearning Advantages

It’s an interesting time for the Indian construction industry. Infrastructure growth has been growing steadily. Indian construction spending is more than 12% of the GDP and is expected to grow at more than 6% every year. With such growth and work to be achieved, the construction industry challenges such as quality, productivity, safety and technology adoptions are key. To meet the above challenges, imparting the requisite skills and sharing best practices are key. Moving forward, the need for skilled labour is paramount. At present, most of the “construction” skills are acquired on the job. These untrained and unskilled employees are slow workers. We believe e-Learning will play a key role in disseminating such knowledge. With the popularity of BYJUS, the eLearning industry is growing. There are eLearning portals available to provide skill-enhancing and training initiatives on practical aspects of construction, applicable to site-related work, through online lectures. The skilling programs make a direct & measurable impact on increasing on-site productivity levels and coordination of work. The content of education helps leverage and enhance the knowledge and skills of the construction industry’s workforce. It provides formal training and education by developing, administering and/or maintaining training initiatives to continuously develop your entire workforce. E-Learning courses would have the following features:

  • Core Construction knowledge: Courses cover all subject matters, with a structured curriculum.

  • Actual site images: Lectures have engaging videos that include actual site photos that help visualize each subject matter, making it easy to understand and retain knowledge.

  • Experienced Faculty: The courses are developed by industry experts. The courses offer the latest skills needed for success across the entire construction industry.

  • Micro-learning: Courses are compiled of lectures of approx. 5 to 8 minutes long. These short-term-focused lectures are designed for skill-based learning.

  • Multi-Lingual: Lecture audio & video are in multiple languages.

  • Smartphone friendly – Web-based portal is smartphone friendly, for ease of access thru mobiles.

E-Learning training can be accomplished in three easy steps:

  • Log in on the website portal (

  • Select the course (e.g. Concrete, Masonry, Reinforcement, Shuttering, Plumbing, much more) & Start Learning

  • Take assessment quiz & get certified

How eLearning Works?

  • Project Manager identifies on-site skill gaps or aligns courses with site responsibilities

  • Participants access training using their phone.

  • Courses are multi-lingual and accessible 24x7, anytime, Anywhere

  • Learn – Course compiled by experts from India’s top contractors.

  • Visualize – Educate by Engaging Video lecture which is simple and easy to understand and remember forever

  • Within 2 weeks, with only less than 10 minutes/day, learn at your speed and get confident in Subject Matter

  • Test - Give an exam to test your knowledge. Get certified!

  • Revise – Access courses whenever needs arise

With rising material and labour costs, labour woes, increased competition and shrinking profit margins, productivity will be key in growing a business. Additionally, there are also new rules and regulations that business owners must stay on top of like new safety rules, RERA, and GST tax reforms. We believe, convenient, customized, and need-based construction e-Learning training programs will increase quality, reduce rework, decrease material wastages, and promote a safe working culture. Overall, e-learning will be a very cost-effective way of skill development, which will help overcome industry challenges. Looking for Construction eLearning Solutions? Check out ConstructSkills - Construction Industry Skill Development and Learning.

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